Gondola Ride, Venice, Italy

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Hello and welcome to my blog Go Italy Go. My name is Stephen and if you haven't already guessed by now I love Italy and just about anything Italian. I decided to create this blog to share my love of everything Italian. 

You might be wondering why do I like Italy so much?

A big part of loving Italy is I grew up in an Italian American household. Then after my first trip to Italy I was sold. Now, even if you don't have an Italian ancestry Italy is a beautiful place filled with a rich history of Art, Literature, Historic Monuments, Food, Music and Cinema. I hope if you stick around long enough you will start to love everything Italian too. 

I blog about everything from traveling to Italy, Italian Food, Music, Movies, learning Italian, basically if it has to deal with Italy I will be blogging about it. I add frequently to my blog so don't be shy come  back often to see what new content I've added. 

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Thank you for your Generous Support. Without your Continued Generous Support this site would not be possible. 

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